Having been an active illustrator for a while I spend the majority of my exploration in constructing partial narratives in 3D/2D Illustration. Having done work for the game industry in the past I now teach Character design and 3d modeling at Full Sail University, as well as freelance Character work for various remote contractors. Art has always been a combination of study exploration and play for me. I would say my reasons for focusing on character design or one particular reason would be the fact that it has allowed for me to constantly reinvent various aspects of my own persona while creating strings of fantasy narrative with which to house these manifestations.


Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Digital Media - Cleveland Institute of Art 07’
Emphasis on Character Design, Illustration, 3D Modeling, and Digital Sculpture.


Digital modeling using both Maya08-09 and Zbrush 3.1
Texturing within Maya, Photoshop, and Zbrush 3.1
Traditional and Digital Drawing and Painting Skills;
Character and Conceptual Development;
3D Animation using Maya;
Simple Character Rigging and Skinning;
Animation using Traditional Media;

Interpersonal Skills:

+Good work ethic
+Very ambitious
+Solid problem solving skills
+Good social skills
+Fast learner
+Self motivated

Software Knowledge:

+Maya 8.5-2009
+ZBrush 3.1
+Silo 2.0
+Adobe Photoshop CS2-4
+Adobe Encore
+Adobe Premiere
+Nvidia Normal Map Generator
+Adobe ImageReady CS
+Right Hemisphere Deep Paint 2.0
+Alien Brain/File Sharing System
+PerForce/File Sharing System
+Torque Engine

Work History:

-Course Director for CDC at Full Sail University (; 07/15/08 - Current
Teach of the Basics of Character Design for both 2D and 3D with a Emphasis on Modeling and Design with Zbrush 3.1 and Autodesk Maya 2009

-Studio Artist at Full Sail University (; 03/23/08 - Current
Teacher of the Basics of Autodesk Maya, Production Modeling, and Character Design

-Freelance Artist for Toro-TV ( and Marcos Romo; 03/12/08 - 5/05/2008
Creation of Custom Robot Character and Logo

-Freelance Artist for Jackie Shular (Recruiter and New Hires Cordinator at EA Tiburon) (; 03/09/08 – 03/13/08
Creation of Graphic Design and Illustration for Client T-Shirt Design
-Mentor for concept arts Community for
7/01/08-9/01/08 ( Helped the young emgerging and intermediate artist develope techniques which enhanced the appeal and designs of there character work and creatioin).

-Freelance Concept artist for
-7/15/08 -current ( creating characters and environments for their MMO)

-Electronic Arts Tiburon - 8/06/2007-2/28/08
Rehired as an Assistant Character Modeler - tasks include Texturing, Modeling and Sculpting, Resurfacing Digital Scan Data into Unique
NFL Coaches and General Managers
Shipped titles include: NFL Tour, and NFL Head Coach

-Freelance Concept artist for Yanni Yessios (Former Digital
Design Teacher at the Cleveland Institute of Art) (; 8/14/04 - 11/01/04
Modeling, Lighting, and Texturing of a Concept Prototype for an Advanced Security Suite

-Electronic Arts of Orlando; Summer Internship- 4/20/06 - 10-/21/06
Internship - Responsibilities were to model and texture over 200 football player
heads while updating the production pipeline with new texture maps; also responsible for creating new visual
targets and concept work for NFL Street 4
Shipped titles: NFL Street 3 on the PSP

-Cleveland Institute of Art; 8/16/03 - 5/23/05
Lab Monitor - duties including assisting students with any technical software or hardware problems or issues